PrettiLegit has Moved: Link in description

Thank you so much for following me through my journey on kittisanchez.wordpress. from starting the first urban blog on imvu to meeting other inspirational artists alike. I can honestly say this was the… Continue reading

LOL Video of the Week:

Hilarity Video of the Week goes to MissC. May Jesus have you, only he can understand the true humor of such a odd-humored girl….and me of course wifey ♥ you guys definitely pulled… Continue reading

Nine Girl Winner: Exquis

NINE GIRL “Nine Girl is a girl of freedom, fun and adventure, there are no limits to her creativity, and her bold unique style is undefined. She is a woman who sets aside… Continue reading

Love Angel’s Lingerie {Review}

Love Angel’s Fashion Show was a wonderful event, the decorations by pierce are always something to admire, as well as her desire to be neatly prepared for a fantastic performance. amongst her creations… Continue reading

OOTD: Feat. Typical

  Aisatsu! Back with another post, this time featuring the sweet Typical ^_^ Embracing a unique touch with polka dots, gold and houndstooth. it is always wonderful to experiment with patterns, being bold… Continue reading

Vintage SteamPunk

  Bumped into Le’Wife recently, the lovely MissC which happens to be one of the most talented shoe developers amongst a very selective few of others,  from her nude colors, to the fruity… Continue reading

Renaissance 9 Update

Kon’nichiwa, aisuruhito Yes, you! Sorry I’ve been away for so long but i am BACK! and Ihave missed my wonderful readers. I will keep this short and simple, the renaissance was an extraordinary… Continue reading


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Hello Darlings! -gets right into it- PrettiKitti’s show was…..AMAZINGGG#$%^io)_!!!!!! PrettiKitti is known for her amazing fashion shows and I think this one was truly one of the best that I’ve seen on…

SFS: TGM Fashion Show

*ahem* What a Breath of fresh air it is to have a new face! I’m sure you uglies can agree eh, eh? I keed. The TGM (thegangstamuffin) fashion Show was a beautiful presentation,… Continue reading

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