SFS: TGM Fashion Show


What a Breath of fresh air it is to have a new face! I’m sure you uglies can agree eh, eh?

I keed.

The TGM (thegangstamuffin) fashion Show was a beautiful presentation, I was greatly honored to be a part of the experience.

along with many other skilled creators who assisted with this event.

Exoticarain’s decadent designs, gave a nude ….naked….feel to the room

(nudity is beautiful)

as well as the invitingly creative flyer made by iish

The Live 9 Models were a great help with this, I am very grateful for such an amazing team. Love you girls.



The Show: Features TGM’s AMAZING new faces, for this upcoming spring, with fresh natural tones and sweet colored blush.

The show features faces such as: Dani, Alissa, April, and Cherry

if you’ve missed the event, please….by all means….click le’ play button below.

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