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Hello Darlings!

-gets right into it- PrettiKitti’s show was…..AMAZINGGG#$%^io)_!!!!!!

PrettiKitti is known for her amazing fashion shows and I think this one was truly one of the best that I’ve seen on IMVU.  It was like…the Victoria’s Secret Show of IMVU, absolutely spectacular.

The room was lovely, really bright, colorful and pretty. Everyone there was dressed in black, and I actually want to give a shout out to the audience. It consisted of a really great group of people, and it really added to the enjoyment of the show.

Also the show ran quite smoothly, I hardly lagged, so kudos to Kitti ;D.

The models were BEAUTIFUL!!!! Just wonderful, I was soo impressed and wowed by how beautiful everything was.

My Favorite part was the feathers, *.* I was blown away. Show items will be available soon.

Great Job Kitti, keep doing you!

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