Renaissance 9 Update

Kon’nichiwa, aisuruhito

Yes, you!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long but i am BACK! and Ihave missed my wonderful readers.

I will keep this short and simple, the renaissance was an extraordinary evening! wonderful people came out

and MANY than expected followed the rule which was to wear all black, the rest u had a safe run, try to read slower next time.

I love you all though haha! each one of you make me very happy, and I am honored to have you be a part of anything I do.

Thank you so much for making this special. with about 8 pages of people reserving and 80 + reserved, I am so happy to have made it to 40 people almost lag-free! haha.

Exoticarain is the creator of my extravagant room/Video, you may check out her amazing creations here.

ElectriqKiss, Welldefined, InikoSantana, PureAdore, 0ldfashi0n, llTITAll

My beautiful Live 9 models for the show. special thank you to starglous. *wink*

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Many thank you’s go out to my close friends who have made it to my show the best they could. i love you guys. you keep me moving.

Shop PrettiKitti if you love her! 😀 Kissu!