Nine Girl Winner: Exquis


“Nine Girl is a girl of freedom, fun and adventure, there are no limits to her creativity, and her bold unique style is undefined.

She is a woman who sets aside the drama, sets aside the gossip, placing goals and more opportunities ahead of herself.

she doesn’t yearn for the limelight, she waits for it to come her way, and when it does, she shines through.”

Nine Girl Contest was just a small taste of more to come, the 10k prize just a token of appreciating a unique aspect on imvu fashion and self appreciation. I want to thank all of those who have taken time out to submit their styles and definitions, you will not leave empty handed. you are all unique in your own way and I love u for it.

Without Further adieu, I present to you, the Nine Girl winner


“My name is Shakira, Kira for short.
Everything about me is unique.
From my looks, to my style. I don’t follow the basic fashion trend, I make my own.
I’m so many different personalities in one body.
I’m sensitive .. caring .. bitchy .. geeky .. fun and a bit of ditz at times.
I wouldn’t change my self for the world because I love who I am in and out.
There will never be another one like me. I’m uniquely me.
I like to try new things and go places people wouldn’t dare to go.
I speak my mind because I try to be honest in a positive way.
I don’t beg for anything because I was always taught to do for myself.
I am a one of a kind woman.
I am Unique”-Exquis
Congrats Exquis.