Optic Vertigo

  Back with yet another post! ^_^ Been a While and I will be ranting in my next post very soon. My apologies for the wait to all my Legits ❤ Today I… Continue reading


IIVA : this is an official collaboration amongst two of some talented developers IISH & JAELOVA you take the II and the VA and u got IIVA Pow….eth. wasn’t there but i got… Continue reading

Epitomy of Bare

Time for the bare truth. Ive been in L U S T being topless lately, call me a nudist with fashionable taste. -raises pinky- amongst some delicate items I’ve purchased from some  amazing… Continue reading

Walk in her shoes

I’m a Huge shoe fetish loving F R E A K in all capitals. i have a select handful of my favorite shoe designers who actually even inspired me to make some myself,… Continue reading

Relationship 101:IMVU

So today i figured I’d make a post in dedication to a friend i was talking to a couple of days ago, we were focused on the purposes behind IMVU dating. so beforehand… Continue reading

LE X V l l l Model’s

Sir4110 has definitely been one of my faves this fall, the creativity this  person has is definitely something appeasing to eyes of all audiences, taking imvu to a new level of vintage urbanity.… Continue reading

Save it for a rainy day


College Chiq

I’m Back!!!! yep my lazy bum needed a little break. I missed you guys though! This time I’m bringing us in with some College Style I’m sure there are some college chicks out… Continue reading

Inspired Hi-waist Leggings

I am a big Fan of Graffitti, Pop Art, Mazes, Aztec, Print patterns. One of my favorite Artists has definitely caught my eye, didn’t think i could draw like him but apparently I… Continue reading


To all who sacrificed everything and to those that left loved ones behind that day when they did nothing more than go to work or on a family trip. We miss you. today,… Continue reading