PrettiKitti: Stuck up BITCH

Allow me to explain my post title. *ahem* Apparently, I’m stuck up. not only stuck up but a BITCH too! WELL GOLLY GEE WILLIKERS! I find it amazing how pitiful some people are… Continue reading

Shades & Shawls

Catty browsing is Fun, I might retire from developing and spend my days shopping…. Screw you people!!! neenerage starts in 3, 2 , 1…. NEEEENERRRRRRRAGEEEEEE..bih’ SO I’s Beens ROCKIN ME SUMS SHADESSSS LATELUHS.… Continue reading

Swiezy9 Fashion Show Review

3 words. A-May-Zing! chea. TRADEMARKED! Swiezy 9 Male Clothing line finally released after a compelling presentation|collaboration amongst Myself ,Luvablememe, and Room Design by EXOTICARAIN. Once again , teamwork prevails. resulting in a spectacular… Continue reading

Your Style is ExoticMuch: I know Right?

  Yesh! i know, WTF MAN! Kitti you sleepin’ on us. Yeah i did take a nap … and? u tough? huh? OH. ok. So yea! I figured i’d drop another pattern Concept… Continue reading


It’s like a breath of fresh air when you see teamwork pay off in an amazing way. I truly appreciate the amount of support one can give to another, it’s definitely what imvu… Continue reading

HFF: Jump into JULY!

TEAM LEGIT!!!!! Kitti is Late as Hell…. and i am SORRY šŸ˜¦ we’ll talk about it over lunch mkai your treat, thanks. 4th of JULY is ROUND THE CORNER! i’m ecstatic! well…not really… Continue reading

HFF- There he is.

Once again its Hot Fit Friday! No i’m not posting it because i made the stuff, but for the simple reason that people are in love with patterns and mismatched colorsĀ  lately, I’ve… Continue reading

Why I love Pulse.

Hi.Ā  have a tad bit of an issue today, Seems like ALL the things which peeve me have formed into some evil creature and attacked my pulse this afternoon (unless it’s like this… Continue reading


Great experience modeling for Developer/Graphic Design/Fashionista iish.I can honestly say, her eye for Art is extremely admirable.Simplistic yet Gracefully complimented with Style.She has New Sneakers out and yet you can honestly appreciate the… Continue reading

Hot Fit Friday- Hype’d Tribe

Aye Kitti Where u get that outfit gurrrrrrrrrlllllllll-luh B-word NUN YA BIDNUH! I kid. i kid, ahaaaa..but yeah, this fit right here is one fave, represents the sex-edged kitten i can be. Fit… Continue reading