ZONE 9: The Official FASHION SHOW!

This Show was Awesome! i Enjoyed every ounce of the energy and the Great Support!! Conceptz & ExoticaRain Worked Hard to bring you something unique, and it HAPPENED! I love it when team… Continue reading

Adorable Propaganda

Yes, Yes i know, KITTI WTF? you slacking son-of-a-shaved kitten. I’m sorry! I KNOW! i have fashion pics to post, alot of my clothing to be advertised correctly, I’ll do it someday mkai?… Continue reading

LEGIT TALK: Parenting Online

Welp, I’ve Been up late ONCE again (gotta work) and still found time to chill out with one of my long time friends (LEGEND) who is also technically my NEPHEW on IMVU by… Continue reading

My Top 5 Boundary Breakers

I’ve seen alot of New Developers coming up in the IMVU fashion world… some relay to the same path as the rest while others actually have stepped out of the typical top and… Continue reading

Uniquely Vibrant

I Love the Essence of Colors, this outfit is definitely something i can find myself randomly putting on in real life…the patterns the black bold to even out it’s complexity SELENA’s hair’s are… Continue reading

So i went SummerTime Browsing….

Well I got a tad bit over worked and decided to do some actual shopping in the IMVU catalog (which is a great Rarity) i came across the most cutest outfit, i’m not… Continue reading

He ain’t my man so it don’t COUNT against him….

Damn…what the hell is up with 2k10 folk? I just got back from an outing with a few friends who brought a few of their own friends along for the chauffeur. Let me… Continue reading